• Whitney Kathleen

How Am I Talking About My Health and Fitness Journey Around My Kids

This is my oldest and I. She has always watched and observed my journey with fitness. As soon as I noticed her mimicking my workouts, talking about exercising, soaking up what I was teaching her about healthy nutrition I made sure to drill into her that we exercise to feel good, be healthy and live for as long as we can. With fit longevity comes opportunities you may not have otherwise; long beautiful hikes, races with or without friends, rigorous service projects (think yard work, construction, helping someone move), sports and competitions you can confidently compete in.

I want her views on fitness and her body to be healthy and positive. I make a point to never talk about my body in anything other than a positive, factual way. I never want her to grow up thinking she has to look a certain way and if she fails her self worth does too. I have two daughers, I want nothing more for them than to be happy, kind selfless, non-judgmental and have the best quality of life possible. She truly loves to exercise and thinks it's one of the funniest things; I hope to maintain those thoughts!

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