One on One Coaching


Price is between 200-300 per month, depending on your needs: I require a 3 month minimum.

I am here to help you mentally, physically and emotionally.  I talk with you every week on the phone and text or Marco Polo often. I will teach you the tools tailored to YOU for you to find your own self worth and empower you to succeed long term.  I believe each of us has immense strength, resilience, power and everything we need to find love for ourselves and to succeed - it already exists within you.  I want to help you find that.  I tailor a training program to your specific goals and modify or change things as we go along based on your progress, likes and dislikes.


UPON PURCHASING:  You will receive a questionaiire document to fill out.  As soon as you send that back to me at we will set up our consult and get started!  

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